As a young, passionate and ambitious 24 year old I feel that I bring a very new perspective to the table. I am interested in so many things - bettering society as a whole being the main one -  so I will make my voice herd at the table while also listening to the differing perspectives that each member has, and asking questions to stimulate conversation.


As the 3rd generation of a Washington-based family business that has been in existence since the 50’s, I feel the responsibility and opportunity to lead, grow and bring innovative new ideas to the organization. I know that CLICKED provides and incredible network of experience and knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else. I want to ensure that I do everything possible to say that I did the best that I can do for my own personal growth as a not just a business man, but a contributing member of society to make this the best place we can be.


I enjoy most outdoor activities. I love to play soccer, practice and teach yoga, exercise, and read. Recently I have been interested in gardening after I purchasing my first house. I am very interested in sustainability and health as well. I care dearly about the food industries and specifically how America can shift as a society to practice better and more eco-friendly food habits.