I am a high-energy, very social person who loves being around people. I hope I can bring a lot to the table...from my experience working across multiple fields, to my experience going to Columbia and living in NYC for 11 my journey as a female making my life and career on my own. I love that CLICKED always has lively discussions at their events, and I hope I can bring an interesting point of view and background at every conversation.


I love people -- meeting new people, connecting people together, networking, etc. So I am very excited to be a part of a club that focuses on just that. I’m looking forward to being together with such an eclectic group of people and exploring DC in ways I have never done before. All in all, I love everything CLICKED is about and can’t wait to start my membership.


First and foremost, I love being around people. I tend to be the head planner for my group of friends and constantly organize and host events for us to enjoy together. I also enjoy running and skiing, and absolutely love going to the beach. My favorite wine is a buttery oaky chardonnay, but I love a great wine tasting.